Funky Glam Rock

Long live the 80's when music was bright and shook its spangly cool in your face like it had no cares in the world. This is the period that Pop Levi inhabits with new single, 'Sugar Assault Me Now' drenched in luscious glam rock sighs and catchy T-Rex guitar riffs, it's so devilishy fun that even self conscious indie kids should leave their grubby jeans at home and get out the sequins.

'Blue Honey' is a ballsy romp n'stomp number with explosive guitar licks and a bassline that rumbles along so fast it sounds like it might take off, it recalls Led Zeppelin's brassy guitarwork but with added panache and daring. 'From The Day That You Were Born' is an instant contrast with reflective sighs and lilting piano backing supporting the charismatic trilling vocals. 'Cyan Moan' has a more psychedelic landscape with effluent vocals dancing, liberated, over hallucinogenic sitar sounds and snapping percussion, it sounds like a free love picnic.

Pop Levi's album will be out in February and from this quick fix it will be a crazy affair full of fun and far out tunes.