Cutting Teenage Tirades

Filthy electro pop full of bile and teenage rage, Kate Nash has the sound of the street in her head and soon no man on the street will be able to avoid her music, whether they like it or not. Kate picks up where Lily Allen and The Streets prosaic everyday stories leave off, but this bright young thing takes them to the next level with no sunny pop painting hiding the raw thoughts. 'Caroline's A Victim' sounds like the bare bones of a teenage rant put to heavy beats, yes the beat poetry does get a little grating but it's essentially cool all the same.

This double a-side also boasts 'Birds', an fresh sounding acoustic ballad, about as far from the harsh sound of 'Caroline...' as you can get, but with the same smarting honesty. "Birds can fly so high or they can shit on your head," Nash sighs in this acerbic love song. Whether we needed another vociferous r n'b tinged female I don't know, but Kate Nash is it and she's sure to be big.