A Big, Upbeat Rock Stunner

A mixture of classic rock tricks and blues soul fuels Jackson Analogues' toe-tappingly great music. 'Come On' has a fabulous chorus with the fierce cries of "Come on" coming right from the singer's burning belly and a quirky little guitar shuffle getting things moving nicely. If you like your rock music with guts, then you'll love Jackson Analogue, but occasionally one feels that this straight up rock could do with a nice modern twist to get hearts really racing.

B-side, 'All Alone (Kill Me)' moves with a more nervous tension exploding into an almost righteous chorus of "Go on kill me", with the same conviction of classic Christian rock, but an undoubtedly different message.

This is a fine single that will see you through many nights of rapturous dancing, but once the day comes you might just forget the way the beat once moved you, so enjoy the simple pleasure while it lasts.