Already on a slippery slope?

Predictably, the test isn't how well the "Bestest of Footwear" fair up on the high street whilst strutting along with the local haircuts. The real test is a few years down the line months, even when the trend of their era has passed and all the frills have worn off and have been covered in age.

On the other hand, Good Shoes take no guilt in being themselves. The singing, for instance, has a conviction and belief in what is going on and doesn't make any apologies for being a bit weird sometimes.

Too cruel? Too evaluative, even? Perhaps, because who are we to predict a whole genre's demise? But it's hard not to whilst all this stuff is floating around, all competing for the same stretch of catwalk and confusing the overall message.

Admittedly, on this standpoint we cannot lay blame on any particular participator for the fad, nor are we to really say who is an outright copy cat! Oh it's all so bloody confusing, really... But in a nutshell, yes, Good Shoes have something to offer. They are tight and comfortable and do not deserve footwear analogies, even though their name is fairly dunce and obviously an in-house joke that hundreds have demanded an answer for.

Let us collectively umm and ahh until the problem goes away.