Perhaps The New Feeling?

The Fray are a bit of a hit in England at the moment. Their oh so friendly, American Pie-esq. cheesy anthems seem to have been dominating British radio, and to be honest I am a bit bemused as to why.

Each Fray song could easily be the theme tune to an emotionally driven teenage drama program or one of those oh-so generically dull American "will he get the girl?" films. As the momentum builds up towards a vocal peak, which it does in every song, montages of beach running, starry eyes and that ultimate movie moment of the final kiss swell in my mind like I have a migraine coming on.

I would describe The Fray as very much of the now. They are making marketable pop songs, and there is nothing more to it than that. Their marginally fun music with the same generic structure for each girl-infatuated melody seems to be what the British public want...

Anyone remember 3 Doors Down or The Calling? Well for a moment let's imagine that those little heart throbs changed their pace a little bit, and maybe their wardrobe manager or whoever is responsible for the erratic garments they wear, put a trilby on one of their heads and showed them a picture of Orson. There's your musical money making creation. Just one more for the scrap heap I'm afraid. Perhaps the new Feeling?