Youth Is Where It's At

Hailing from Brighton, up and coming five piece Ghost Of A Thousand bring us their furious punch packing debut album 'This Is Where The Fight Begins'
Having already earned some status in the UK music industry and an ever expanding national fan base due to a spate of extensive and highly successful tours, the band are well on their way to furthering themselves in the scene.
Their debut consists of predominantly metal songs fused with hardcore and a punk edge. They bring the genres together with passion and attitude, with songs about being young and unstoppable. There are punk themes running throughout the record and you see this immediately in opening track 'Bored Of Math' with powerful lyrics 'Punk rock needs you again, generation X is dead'. They drive this message on with a ferocious delivery, heavy chord structures and the interchangeable hard and heavy to slow and soft.

Memby Jago's manic drumming alongside Tom Lacey's strained screaming vocals intertwined with guttural roars only go to show that the youth have dedication to their cause. It's powerful and exciting and you can tell that they play from the heart and write about what they know. 'I'm sick of seeing the same kids at shows' in 'Left For Dead' shows that they are bored and disillusioned with the scene that so many no longer want to be a part of. They want to inspire the kids and show them it's not all about genres, it's about playing what you want the way you want to play it. Ghost Of A Thousand achieve this remarkably well with soloing that wouldn't look out of place on a punk record, not too elaborate and not too long they add that hardcore punchy element to their metal songs, not caring where they'll fit in.

Overall it has good production and a great execution of attitude, passion and fury, although the youth orientated lyrical content will appear to the younger generation that is no bad thing.

A British band who can play with more aggression and attitude than most at their age have got to be given a certain amount of respect, especially if they deliver such an exciting album as 'This Is Where The Fight Begins', A whole 10 tracks of urgent hardcore rock and roll fuelled passion. If you like the Bronx or the Gallows you will like Ghost Of A Thousand. I think that must be about everyone then.