A Strange and Innovative Take

Welcome to another edition of classic retakes on Metallica. With several years passed from previous stringed quartets illustrating how clever some of the metal band's tracks really are, Harptallica is here to take it to the next level of madness. I'm sure you can fill in the gaps as to what the infamous tracks sound like in this homage...

Songs like 'The Unforgiven' sit comfortably parallel to the original, as despite the guitar and harp being a million miles away, the techniques of plucking used in the metal camp were very similar to those that are unavoidable in the playing of the large, heart-shaped stringed instrument. Whoodaa-funk't't?

The one outstanding feature of tributes like these and others is that it makes the listener realise just how brilliant, timeless and transposable the music of Metallica really is. After all, it's not every band that could honestly say that their music sounded pretty good when it was played by an orchestra, or a string quartet, or a hillbilly Dixie country act (Iron Horse), or even a couple of harps.

But no matter how devoted you are to the Metallica cause, you'll find this somewhat hard to get your head round. You must feel really, really starved of the old school metal if you suck up all that this has to offer.

With any press material that mentions 'music domination', you can really bridge the gap between music and prose and work out that the following audio is going to be sadly lacking. If you're the best band in your field, would you really say it?

Harps are the most expensive musical instruments that you can buy. It could be argued that the arranger of the compositions is either very fortunate in circumstances, or has a lot of spare time and money.