Travel to infinity....and beyond.

Finally the hype and fuss has died down, the album has been in the public eye (and ears) for a few months and perhaps now, a more objective view can be taken of Klaxons. What better way to consolidate their position by re-releasing one of their debut album's major hitters in 'Gravity's Rainbow.'

It's easy to see why this song, along with 'From Atlantis To Interzone' knocked some socks off last year, it's still bloody vibrant and sounds like a band on a mission and a short time to complete it. Even now, the cry of "come with me, come with me, we'll travel to infinity" remain impressive and what it may have lost in its latest release, it manages to reaffirm with a catchiness that bounds still.

With the album hitting number two and 'Golden Skans' receiving fair airplay perhaps the doors have been kicked open enough to allow 'Gravitys Rainbow' to get more coverage and win over more fans but in one sense it may just be preaching to the converted.

With another tour occurring pretty soon and the band set for a summer ambushing all the major festivals, it's destined to be a summer anthem that will ring throughout many a campsite. They may sing to you from the year four thousand but you can expect Klaxons to steal a fair bit of the summer glory in 2007 as well.

A welcome re-release that will hopefully welcome many new fans to the band but long-time fans may just need to bite their tongues and wave their glo-sticks for just a bit longer...just as well the tune is that good!