Panic! At The Disco Build God, Then We'll Talk

Hands up those who haven't heard Panic! At The Disco already! Anyone? Seriously, no one? Christ. Is there anything I can tell you about Panic! that you haven't already heard? Their name was taken from the Smiths song 'Panic', I believe. Oh, you already knew that? Ok, fine.

Panic! At The Disco, often (slightly unfairly) lumped in with the Fall Out Boy/Fueled By Ramen pop-punk revolution, have become one huge band, with 1,510,731 myspace friends (presumably an awful lot of these are bands and merch companies, but still). And what better way to raise the anticipation for the new album than by releasing the closing track from the previous album?

'Build God, Then We'll Talk', is not one of the catchiest songs on album 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out', but it is one of the more interesting, showcasing perfectly Panic!'s delightfully tongue-twisting lyrical complexity. A characteristically awesome song, the only question is: is there anybody who doesn't already own this song who would want to download it (it is the album version, so there's no surprises)?