New Street Adventure

The first beams of light have begun to shine of Birmingham's newly established New Street Adventure. The teenage threesome, in the short time they have been together, have already managed to produce four new demos which have begun to give us a glimpse of things to come.

A lyrically ambidextrous twenty year old by the name of Nick Corbin has managed to pin point and perfectly depict the heart sweltering angst felt by teenagers in our love sick generation via New Street Adventure's four new demos, and better than that, the hoodie drenched mastermind has managed to keep the funky and soul inspired tales respectably fresh.

"Watch Me Go" is about as catchy as Chlamydia. Stories of his gap year adventure and the feelings of leaving his home town are lyrically structured to near perfection. "Trade in all my friend's for a while, swap my keys for a brand new style" alongside "Every single girl that I meet, I try so hard to sweep of her feet, but my brush just seems to get caught in between their toes" are just two highlights of this narrative self-portrait.

"Lessons" is positively charged with passion and even more agitation towards the complicated female race, and taking a little slower pace on things with an emotional boost after the second verse "fuck your excuses, I don't want to hear them" he lovingly bellows. "Runaround" takes a slightly more sombre pace but this depressing monologue is then counteracted by a jittery "Northern Soul."

This trio manages to cram more love, lust and girl fuelled drama in to four little demos than an entire series of The O.C. It's like Nick Corbin's personal diary in song form. Expect more.