An Amazing Song

These boys have done the business over the past two years. Their first album was one of the best released in a long time...the second is even better. The next single to be released, 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs', is amazing. For those of you that haven't realised, the title is simply "Thanks for the Memories" with vowels removed, which was done to imply that it was written in text language...very uptodate lads. The lyrics, written by Pete, will get you thinking as it's full of metaphors about a romantic relationship in which the initial feelings have vanished, but both parties continue to "get along" to appease their physical desires. The vocals are Patrick's best yet...this guy has amazing vocal talent and great range of notes. Musically, it starts with a very mysterious tone, then the drums kick in and defiantly get your head bouncing. It has an irresistible hook, which is among the best on the album. The song is well written, has an amazing beat and is really uplifting; a great tune. Can't wait for the next single.