Andy Thornton - Sunflower Girl

Yorkshire born singer/songwriter Andy Thornton returns with his third solo album this summer. 'Sunflower Girl' was written in the year following the loss of his wife who died to cancer aged just 29.

'Sunflower Girl' is evidently much more sophisticated and grown up than his previous efforts and although this is predominately about loss it is laced with optimism throughout and the carefully arranged songs sound tender and beautiful.

For the most part this album is all Andy as he plays practically all the instruments himself, with just a little bit of help from Iain Archer who features on guitar, bass and backing vocals on some tracks. Andy has been playing guitar since he was 14 and has a knack of telling stories with passion and emotion.

His songs are mature and intelligent and I fear that his words will be lost on young listeners. 'Love's Promised Land' is made up of simple arrangements as Andy's voice soars achingly over the top. He could have built up on the music for dramatic effect, but I think this would have ruined the song, and distracted the listener from in poignant words.

This is a very personally album which must have been hard for Andy to write and record. 'Sunflower Girl' is a mix of sadness and hope and is definitely worth a listen.