Fighting for the right to bore you.

This pig awful dance tune has about as much originality as a fake emo kid. It's the kind of thing you will have heard a million times before only done miles better, it doesn't really go anywhere, has some kind of cheesy 80's funk beat going on, nasty keyboards and an almost non- existent tune. Just about the only good thing to be said about it is that the tune is so un-catchy that it definitely won't stick in your head.

There's not really enough going on to warrant the three and a half minutes of run time on the track; the actual instrumentation is really sparse and the vocals are irritatingly repetitive, and to make matters worse there are two further versions of the same track on the CD, including an instrumental, oh yes, an instrumental of the sparsest backing track ever is, frankly pointless. Avoid this record at all costs.