Still going strong

The electronic intro of 'Keep It in the Family' easily gives the false impression that a pounding dance beat is about to kick in. However within a matter of seconds the reality dawns that this is a catchy, uplifting yet haunting, slightly gothic alternative rock track.

It's important to judge a song like this before reading the history behind the band, and those who know nothing of them would consider this a track that sits nicely alongside the eighties influenced alternative rock of the past couple of years. They might also suggest that it has a more retro feel than something the Killers or the Bravery might release, but then when they find out The Mission have been going for over two decades, any hint of a dated edge becomes easily explained.

The Mission were formed by Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams in late 1985 after they'd left The Sisters Of Mercy. In the time since they have enjoyed worldwide album sales in excess of 4 million and racked up 14 Top 40 UK hits. They're constant touring has seen them headlined some of Europe's most prestigious festivals including Reading twice. The band called it a day in 1996, only to return full of energy and ready to take on the world once again in 1999.

'Keep It in the Family' is taken from current album 'God is a Bullet'. Sadly it is likely to be overlooked by many because the Mission are one of those "older" bands who have their loyal band of fans and can stay there, leaving the rest of the music world to continue as if they didn't exist. The truth is that were this a promising bunch of kids coming out of Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow or London, the music press would be telling us that this was another amazing new band influenced by the eighties. On this evidence the Mission are certainly a decent band, and they too were influenced by the eighties...only their downfall in the eyes of some is that they were formed in it.