Proof That The British Music Scene Is Alive And Well

Biffy Clyro are about to kick off on a major headlining UK tour in support of their new album 'Puzzle'.

If you watched any music channels or listened to the radio over the last few weeks then you would have already heard the brilliant 'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies' which is the second single to be taken from the upcoming album and is definitely the stand out track. The first single 'Saturday Superhouse' saw the band break into the Top 15 for the first time and 'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies' is bound to do far better.

'Puzzle' is the Scottish rockers' fourth studio album and is their best to date, just by listening you can hear how the band's sound has developed and how much more happy and confident they are with their sound. The band have gone places they have never gone before on this album, showing what accomplished musicians they are. '9/15ths' sees Biffy Clyro adding a string section to their song which really gives it a creepy effect.

'Folding Stars' really shows off the diversity of Simon Neil's voice, this song is packed with emotion that his voice carries amazingly well. 'Puzzle' is packed with accessible songs that will appeal to practically every one in one way or another.

This album is proof that a good band can become great band and that the British music scene is home to some great acts.