A Curious Mix of Remixes

'Pocket Revolution Burnt' was originally released as an extra on dEUS' release, 'Pocket Revolution', it contains 7 remixes of the album tracks fused into a piping dance frenzy by Jagz Kooner, most of the tunes have a more sheer, translucent feel to them, turning into swaying instrumentals or electro wonders. Opener, 'If You Don't Get What You Want' is a fearsome blend of pulsing electro beats, metallic sounds and howling vocals. While the vocals have a raucous tone and the whole thing feels somewhat like a leering rock monster, it's tightly controlled by the searing electronic influence, filling the track with an awesome tension. 'Sun Ra' manages to retain a rock vibe too with trembling vocals and a more traditional percussion element.

'Cold Sun of Circumstance' is more your traditional remix; a sonic soundscape that begins with basic beats and unfolds into a funky mixture of squawking synth sounds and frantic percussion. Vo-coder vocals herald in '7 Days, 7 Weeks', an furious beat-heavy number, which is mellowed out by ethereal female vocals and chiming bells. 'Bad Timing' twists a screeching theremin into its racing rhythm and thick mixture of strutting percussion and space age sounds, while the same undulating wails are used in closer, 'Pocket Revolution' over a shimmering concoction of synth sounds.

While some of the tunes are your more typical headache-inducing full on dance numbers (see 'Nightshopping'), there are some very creative takes on dEUS' work that makes 'Pocket Revolution Burnt' worth a listen even if you're not a dEUS fan.