Juliette And The Licks - Purgatory Blues

Juliette And The Licks are back with the latest single 'Purgatory Blues' taken from their second album 'Four On The Floor'.

The first thing I noticed when 'Purgatory Blues' was how much better Juliette Lewis sounds on CD in comparison to what she did live, apparently Autotune can perform miracles these days. As some of you will know Dave Grohl stepped in as drummer on 'Four On The Floor' after Jason Morris left the band, and his influence on 'Purgatory Blues' cannot be missed. Musically this could easily be a Foo's song, and although The Licks were amazing live, it is evident just how much Grohl enhances their sound, he really is one of the best drummers of our age and a savour to the music industry.

Purgatory Blues is an energetic track and people are bound to love it, I have nothing bad to say against it musically but I know Juliette's vocals are anywhere near as good as they sound on here.