Sleazy rock with a softer side…

Okay, so ‘Girls fighting, I really like it’ might not be the most imaginative, original or intelligent of song lyrics, but hey, as Earth The Californian Love Dream realised, ‘being arty was dull’ and this is Rock n’ Roll. ‘Girls Fighting’ has an instantly sexy raw-rock sound. With its dirty, hypnotic melody and sweaty, pulsating beats, by the end of the track its huge infectious riffs have left you exhausted and gasping for breath. It’s no wonder that this is one of the band’s most popular live numbers.

The other tracks on this single are worlds apart from the sleazy ‘Girls Fighting’ but just as impressive. ‘Pink Pink Skin’ is much more melodic and mellow; a simple, shimmering song, with a feel of early Marc Bolan, while ‘Butterfly Girls’ is an intensely pretty and touching track, complete with sensitive lyrics and tranquil strings in the background.

Since the band came to life in 2002, they have been consistently exciting, representing the UK during the British Phonographic Industry Showcase and even receiving praise from the legendary John Peel. Considering the difference in material on this single alone it will be interesting to hear how their mix of, as they describe it, ‘sweetness and noise’ comes together on their self-titled album expected early next year. If this single is anything to go by, it should be fantastic.