Billy Talent - Surrender

The name Billy Talent sounds like an American country solo artists, but they are in fact a Canadian rock band. Formed in 1993, they performed and recorded together for about a decade before finding a mainstream following with their debut album Billy Talent in 2003, and their sound began to move in a more aggressive, punk rock direction. Renowned for the sheer energy of the live shows, they have slowly but surely converted the rock world to their unique but accessible blend of explosive pop punk anthems and boisterous riffs.

Surrender is the fourth single off their critically acclaimed second album, Billy Talent II. It opens with some calming guitar riffs, and then drums kick in. This is the sort of track that can sticks in your head, and you can sing along to for weeks, but also belt your lungs out to at a gig. This song, which is considered a rock track, is still quite a slow tune, more pop rock than hard rock. The meaning behind the song, and the lyrics buried in their sounds like a bloke wanting to ask a girl out he has liked for ages. The vocals are very good, especially when two or three voices are combined and sing different parts of the chorus "Surrender yourself to me", easy to understand which all come together to make a great song. The most upbeat part of the song comes in the middle where romance kicks in, but with an angry side when the vocalist sounds to be getting impatient about asking her out. "This flower doesn't belong to me." The track calms back down a little for the last part, ending on 'I never had the nerve to ask has my moment come and past?'