Disappointing new single from London Indietronica merchants

Following on from the mega runaway success that was 'The Warning' My Piano is the first single to be released from Hot Chip's latest offering, DJ-Kicks. But if it is an accurate pre cursor of what is to come from the London six piece then perhaps, you may want to save your pennies and hold on to the previous album.

Hot Chip are one of those curious bands: they sound nothing like other dance acts of their ilk, if in fact you can call them dance, as the beats per minute never raise much above 120. Always sounding undeniably laid back in their approach, it appears that this time that they were so laid back in the recording studio, that they forgot to do much except recycle some old beats that they had lying around and mashed together some lyrics amongst a repetitive backdrop.

My Piano is the sound of a band who seemingly can't be bothered anymore. This doesn't have the drive of the indie disco classics 'Boy from School' or 'Over and over' but at the same time sounds all too much like their old material. Hot Chip are undeniably a good band but when other bands are emerging all the time, pushing the boundaries of electro-pop or indietronica (as smart media types call it), it doesn't seem such a worthy release.

This is not the sonic masterpiece, just a repetitive, dry attempt. Hot Chip, you can do much better.