Animated Indie

The Fratellis have quickly become one of the most well known indie groups, producing sure fire anthems like 'Chelsea Dagger' that rattle around in your skull for ages. Unfortunately 'Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes' isn't as immediate, a jaunty and jangly little number it's a pleasant little tune that will have you humming along, but it won't be the tune that festival crowds are hollering at the top of their voice to keep themselves amused.

There's a steady swagger to the mellow guitar chord progressions and a melodic chorus with a hint of 60's sincerity quickly matched by dirty brass licks and a lazy pace. 'Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes' could be the tune that time forgot with a definite hint of the chirpy and simplistic approach of British greats like The Beatles; it's just a nice tune for a sunny summer's day.