Sugar coated to the max.

Having Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams and Josh Homme guest on your album isn't necessarily a sign that it's going to be a good album but its certainly a way to grab peoples attention and some extra press. Jesse Mail has all these buddies on his 'Glitter In The Gutter' lp but the current single 'Love Streams' may have the melodic pop edge of Springsteen in the 80s but it does seem too light for Homme or Adams to have given their thumbs up to. Lets hope the album tracks with these guys kicks arse a little bit harder.

It wouldn't have seemed unreasonable for The Cars to have been the guests on this track given the high level production washing over it, which just feels a bit too put on. Its got that American sheen written all over it and would be a cert for the radio stations over there but its unlikely to cut it here in Britain.

Then again, if The Hold Steady can do it, theres no fathomable reason why any artist cant? It's a simple enough intro but when the backing vocals kick in, the sugar overload is already set to diabetic level and the treated vocals sound a bit too forced to really be effective but there will be a few lighters in the air for this song.

Its not dislikeable but it is pretty disposable, sorry Jesse but your new friends wouldn't be happy at releasing something of this level.