An Intelligent Second Helping Of Year Zero.

'Capital G' is one of the more relaxed tracks on the album but it does not lack any of Trent Reznor's trademark bite. The track starts off with a marching drum beat that leads into a heavily distorted and repetitive bass that supports Trent Reznor's catchy melodic line, his characteristic voice portraying all the emotion and bitterness in the song perfectly. The song deliberately has a mechanical uniform feel to it, all the verse and chorus structures never changing much from the last. It is meant to get inside your head and make you really think about the lyrics and our systematic beliefs. The track gradually builds up with more guitar parts and backing vocals from the second verse and builds up through the instrumental break to build up a real impact of layers in the final chorus, ending in a military like March of drums and guitars.

Though one of the lighter and more accessible of the tracks, 'Capital G' still has an important and poignant message to deliver: That it is time we really opened our eyes to our beliefs and blind followings and faced this imminent new future that we have created for ourselves.