Third single from Manics latest album.

'Autumnsong' is the third single to be taken from the Manics triumphant album 'Send Away the Tigers'. After the lackluster response to previous album 'Life Blood', the band were lead to re-evaluate their position and decided to re-embrace the spirit of their debut, 'Generation Terrorists'. While 'Send Away the Tigers' has more in common musically with their fourth album 'Everything Must Go', there is definitely a sense that the band have managed to recapture something that many fans and critics alike expected had been lost for good.

One of the most anthemic songs on an album of easily memorable songs, 'Autumnsong' has a vivid tone of regret and pathos hanging over its summery chords and sing along chorus. The idea of being effected emotionally by the change in season seems to be the source material behind the lyrics, and indeed a song with autumn in its title being released in summer seems fitting given the lack of a typical summer currently being experienced in the UK.

Although the promotional version of the single is only backed by an instrumental version of the main song, the actual singles boast an impressive five b-sides across two CDs and a 7". Having already heard these additional songs I'd suggest this single is definitely worth investing in, particularly to hear the cover of McCarthy's 'Red Sleeping Beauty'.