Average Britpop.

Sheffield four piece Little Man Tate, have an old school Britpop feel with a cheeky, laddish appeal and down to earth lyrics, but their influences obviously go further back than Oasis and Blur, back perhaps as far as The Kinks tuneful, catchy pop and with the jagged staccato guitar sound they have an almost punk edge that smacks of old school New Wave.

'European Love' previously appeared on their debut album; this is a recently re-recorded version which will be appearing on a re-release version of the same album 'About What You Know'. Re-release albums seem a bit pointless when they come so soon after the original release, and this single isn't a particularly strong track to back up the album. It's a bouncy poppy single with a catchy chorus and tightly played riffs, but it's not exactly exciting or breaking new ground; its pleasant enough, but not much more than throw away power pop.