See Adam D. in a dress.

Seriously heavy but surprisingly melodic album gets a second release with bonus tracks, videos and all new artwork. "As Daylight Dies" was originally released in late 2006 and was Killswitch's fourth full length album but only the second with vocalist Howard Jones; he takes the reins with style here though and shows how much better and more sophisticated a vocalist he is.

The album retains the bands full on aggressive metal sound, with some really impressive guitar work, but the tuneful, melody heavy angle is more pronounced and vocally it's very varied; ranging from guttural screams and growls to full on crooning. Pretty much all the tracks are emotive, epic, sweeping master classes; right from the start the album really makes an impact with the first three tracks full of hooks and catchy sing along sections. Opening track 'Daylight Dies' is a rollercoaster ride and kicks the album off in doom-laden throbbing, dark, and epic mode before 'This Is Absolution' takes over with super fast riffs and drums and then a slower more emotive moment with 'Arms of Sorrow'. Things aren't given a chance to calm down though, before long 'My Curse' kicks in with its instantly memorable opening riff.

The album doesn't let up the pace at all and the tunes are always there, melodic choruses pop up in almost every track, but the difference with Killswitch and what sets them apart from a lot of other melodic metal, is that they don't save the melodies for the chorus, they work them into the fabric of the track, and manage to pull of some really delicate moments amongst the intense noise. Combine all this with often complex time signatures and swift changes in style throughout you have something memorable and addictive that will bring you back again and again.

This re-release is probably worth a second look with the amount of extra's being made available, and the artwork by bassist Mike D'Antonio on a foldout digipack, is very wantable. The bonus tracks are more than worthy additions to the album and include 'Holy Diver', cover of the Dio classic and a live fan favourite. The DVD extra's are three videos and two making of featurettes; 'My Curse' and 'The Arms of Sorrow' are standard, if expensive looking videos, but it's really nice to see the band injecting a bit of humour and personality into the 'Holy Diver' video, and obviously enjoying themselves, watch out for Adam Dutkiewicz in a dress. Mmm nice.