Parkour merchants

Freerunner are a three piece from Newcastle, very much in the indie fold but
thankfully they steer clear of the safe jingle jangle guitars and come up with something a little different.

They create an interesting soundscape that manages to sound pretty empty and yet fairly atmospheric in a haunting industrial wasteland way! Not that it's in any way ambient, 'She Get It' centres around a really simple but great sounding bass line, whilst minimalist guitar lines weave away over the top of it all, exposing the drums to good effect. It drives along well and whilst it's no work of genius it achieves the objective of sticking in the mind after the first couple of plays.

The title track is accompanied by 'Don't Need It', which is a totally different animal, it has a really light breezy feel to it and is an enjoyable number, it's a bit bouncy in places, it feels right and unusually is memorable for the rhythm rather than any chorus. Freerunner succeed in pricking your interest and after just two songs that's a worthy skill in a competitive market.

Demonstrating some versatility the final track 'Cold' is largely acoustic and is unremarkable save for a fine vocal performance from Robert and I imagine in the context of a full album it will work far better. Overall it's a solid and interesting offering, as with so many of their contemporaries it may all come down to strength in depth of material and a charged live performance.