Distinctly Average

The Smashing Pumpkins need no introduction, except perhaps to confirm which members are still in the reformed group, but with Billy Corgan well and truly at the fore, there's no need to clarify the style or sound of this music. After all reinventing the Smashing Pumpkins would be rather like turning Halloween into a festival of hippy love.

'That's The Way (My Love Is)' is a rather weak echo of the Pumpkins' former splendour, perhaps a little more reminiscent of tunes like 'Stand Inside My Love' than the band's earlier work. There's a strong electro edge haunting Corgan's every simpering wail, although the guitarwork still manages to be incisive, the tune is simply mellow and doesn't really convey any emotional. Crashing percussion and a coda featuring a break from the constant fuzzy atmospherics can't save this tune from being decidedly average. There are no musicians with enough kudos to be able to write a track like this that seems to have no drive or motivation.