"Let's Just Be" is an album to quench the thirsts of the widespread Bowie-adoration, Stereophonics-Brethren, Rolling Stone-maniacs and Rod Stewart-numskulls while at the same-time toggling with spell bounding, funky, conventional guitar sounds. It's great to see a modern act playing such very ordinary music but so well that it seems extraordinary; very few guys do it as well as Joseph Arthur.

Starting with "Diamond Ring" a proposition from Arthur to you; asking you, 'on-one-knee', to indulge yourself in his seductive, exhilarating brand of wonderful vocalism, lyrics, funky sweeping guitar riffs and lively drumbeats; trust me it's tempting. "Spacemen" is an obvious poke at a Bowie masterpiece, and not a bad attempt from J.A. Experimenting with some sky-scraping vocals and weird electro effects, come the chorus; a regular Bowie feature.

"Take Me Home" is a slow, gentle track. It's very relaxing but there's something about it that just makes it suddenly seem monotonous; the kind of album track you want to turn over after only 15 seconds. "Lonely Astronaut" isn't much better either; twenty minutes of tedious boredom.

Though with "Cocaine Feet" Joseph Arthur gets back on track, trying out a Rolling Stones/Strokes approach really breathtaking. "Shake It Off" is annoying screeching noises, it spoils your opinion of Joseph Arthur, but if you can rise above it you'll understand that there are many more good points about Arthur than bad.

All in all a pretty fresh musical experience, definitely recommended for anyone who wants to broaden their musical spectrum or horizons, and hear something diverse and pioneering.