Fightstar One day son this will all be yours

Fightstar began their journey down the musical path when lead vocalist Charlie Simpson moved from pop to rock, a style of music he considered more suitable and enjoyable. With Fightstar he's able to play songs he's passionate about and put real emotion into, rather than just aiming to sell records and top the charts. This can be heard with their second album, 'One day son, this will all be yours'.

When listening to this album, think of a box of chocolates. There are two sides to the box. You have the dark chocolates with nuts in the middle, and then you have the milk/white chocolates, with the soft centres. Think of this metaphor while enjoying the tracks. You see, there are two sides to the elements of the album; whether it's vocals, lyrics or instrumental sounds.

In terms of lyrics, the band has gone for a more personal style of writing, basing songs on personal experiences, emotional feelings and other events life throws at you; whether it's enjoyment of relationships or heartbreak. 'Amaze us' is one of most emotionally charged tracks the album has to offer, with passion put into every aspect. 'We Apologise For Nothing' is about standing up for what you believe in without negotiation, 'Floods' deals with environmental issues and about how people have influenced their own downfall, while one of most aggressive tracks on the album 'Death car' carries lyrics like 'You drove me to this/How will I ever stop/
I'm addicted to kill/As much as I am to you'.

The vocals on this album are exactly what you would expect from Charlie Simpson and co. There are Charlie's rugged edger and perfectly fitting vocals for a rock record on tracks like 'We apologise for nothing'. Then there are the smoother softer more balled fitting vocals from Alex, which are especially more noticeable on 'You and I'. Then there is 'Tannhauser', where the two are juxtaposed next to each other like two sides of the chocolate box. 'Unfamiliar ceilings' is noticeable for its addition of female vocals, which makes the track that little bit more enjoyable.

When listening to the sounds present, stylistically you have the ballads of love and heartbreak, tender and melodically driven like 'You and I', and then the darker, heavy territory sounds. There are also many instruments playing their part in various tracks. 'Floods' has a beautiful piano introduction which when combined with the dark guitars make for an interesting track. It's calm yet deep and dark, while strings can be heard over other tracks. Then there is the birds chirping and splashing water of 'Deathcar'.

With infectious songs like 'One day son' this album is going to rock the airwaves across the world.