Stadium Anthems Part 978 in an ongoing series

The Manics rehabilitation to their rightful place amongst the great British rock bands of all-time continues on this the third cut from "Send Away The Tigers". Featuring a circular guitar motif reminiscent of the band's post-Richey high-point "A Design For Life" and a sweeping string section it's hard not to be overly effusive in our praise for this anthemic stadium-rock masterpiece. James Dean Bradfield wheels out one of his best guitar solos yet and Nicky Wire pens a surprisingly vague lyric that seems tinged with an oddly melancholic sense of nostalgia maybe it's just me? Alas my promo doesn't include the intriguing set of B-Sides (including a cover of Beat Happening's "Foggy Eyes") slated for the official release (if you're reading this Sony BMG please can you send me a copy in the post!) but on the basis that virtually everything they've release so far this year has been better than 2004's anaemic "Lifeblood" (pun intended) it's surely a no-brainer as to whether you should purchase this. Long may the Manics own "indian summer" continue if they keep producing songs like this.