Very mainstream.

The sentiments behind Fightstar's new single taken from their new second album are commendable it's about fighting for what you believe in and to be fair, it's a hooky, catchy, anthemic tune but it, like many of the tracks from the album is very derivative. To say you've heard it all before would be an understatement, taking cues from Funeral For A Friend and Taking Back Sunday it has a pop core with rock overtones; heavy guitars and an almost epic easy on the ear quality.

It seems a bit lazy for a band with so much to prove, and such a promising first album behind them that they would become so mainstream and predictable so soon. 'We Apologise For Nothing' has familiar riffs and rhythms and epic crescendos for choruses designed to create the maximum emotional impact from the listener; it might be entertaining, but it's still a bit disappointing.