Athlete are back to stay

Up until now Athlete were just that band that never blew us away, they weren't overly special, their music sounded very safe and dull, and basically they weren't going very far but that, as I said, was up until now. We'll forgive them their last two run-of-the-mill albums, wipe the slate clean and embrace what new material they have on offer.

This being an eagerly awaited album, you'll hope not to be disappointed. So, you'll be happy to know, that won't be the case this time round. "Beyond The Neighbourhood" is a wonderful ecstatic eruption from the band. You can almost taste the sweat and blood that went into making this LP; you can sense the huge frustration and effort, the sleepless nights and long-laborious days of writing. The finished product being a wonderfully pleasant indulgent savour of this band's immense talent, their third album presents the band in their most exciting phase. They, at long last, begin to flourish at this stage of their career, and it's about time too.

Opening with a proper introduction leading on to the first single "Hurricane", presenting a noticeable sonic skip in the bands common efforts. Showing a much more exciting, fulfilling side to Athlete. "Tokyo" is further harmony to the alterations made by the band, it's a track that sheds light on Athletes new and improved musical path. "Airport Disco" is a slow, lazy track, tossed in to the album to provide some form of contrast. "It's not Your Fault" is an interesting track, tampering with a shuffle drumbeat, some sweeping guitars and a lovely vocal line. "The Outsiders" is a nice crisp melodic tune.

"Flying Over Bus Stops" is perfect and "Second Hand Stories" is a great passing song. "In The Library", "Best Not To Think About It" and "This is What I Sound Like" are collectively the perfect ending to this album.

"Beyond The Neighbourhood" will please you beyond your wildest dreams, it's a magical and marvellous witness to what Athlete can achieve when they apply themselves whole-heartedly. One of the albums of the year! With this Athlete silence their countless critics.