Bluesmen show us how to rock.

If you are among the growing scores of those that think that all modern music is style over substance then should pay special attention here Jackson Analogue could just be the tonic to your ills.

'The Day Is Done EP' showcases a band that sits somewhere between the blues driven riffing of The Band and the vocals that more than echo The Zutons and, in its wake, lifts the listener into thinking that the core values of rock n' roll (talent, songwriting and arrangement) have not been killed off by the tabloid exploits of supermodels' rock star boyfriends after all.

After a bouncing title track and (predictably) downbeat 'Your Peace Will Suffer', one is treated to 'Concrete Hands' and 'Bang On', two songs which have enough weight behind them to allow the 'Day Is Done EP' to more than a healthy recommendation. This may not be groundbreaking stuff and it does fall short in terms of innovation and sheer creation, but, surrounded by the kids in skinny jeans with voices that call out to mummy, Jackson Analogue can find an audience among anyone who has even worn a leather jacket, grown long hair or simply laments the movie Almost Famous.