Corey Taylor adds a mean edge to Apocalyptica's Cello work

For these of you have haven't heard this song and are fans of Stone Sour, go out and buy this - Now! No really. As we say in the North, it's a "total belter" of a tune. I say fans of Stone Sour as oppose to Apocalyptica as it has much more of a metal feel to it, and less of Apocalyptica's signature classic style, though it is there in the background if you listen carefully enough.

The opening 30 seconds feature a warbling string section, with undertones of heavy bass. You know it's building to something big. And if i'm not mistaken, we get a little bit of Korn thrown in for free. Go on! I dare you to listen from 37 seconds in and say that riff is not Korn inspired. But to be fair to both Corey Taylor and Apocalyptica, the song is by no means a rip-off. It's thick, laden with slow, powerful riffs and solid bass.

"Worlds Collide" is everything we have come to expect from Apocalyptica. This track starts in a very sombre mood with plenty of classical strings. As the song builds we have that cello meets guitar and heavy drums, before moving into a slower, cello only section. The whole song is incredibly dramatic as it's name suggests. It's not fast, nor are there any vocals, but it doesn't need them. After 3 minutes of solid metal-meets-classical we are treated to some cello plucking raindrops before the heavy distorted guitars come back for a finish.

Both songs do what they set out to do. Apocalyptica deliver Corey Taylor in the heavy, more mature light that has marked Stone Sour and they do it very well.