YOU SAY PARTY WE SAY DIE! - Like I give a care

Although guilty of musical crimes that warrant the services of a firing squad, Auntie Celine (Dion) and Uncle Bryan (Adams) are unwittingly responsible for a glorious backlash in Canada which has produced some mighty fine bands and artists. The heavenly Arcade Fire, Rufus Wainwright and God Speed You Black Emperor to name but a few.

Canadian bands are also probably sick to death of their musical history being mentioned in every bloody review, but Vancouver's YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! will soon be added to this illustrious list if they keep up this form.

Lauded as 'Real Indie' the band are done an injustice despite its complimentary tone. Never mind indie this is what PUNK used to sound like before it lost itself inside its own strict rules.

The shouty female vocals and guitar are reminiscent of the great X-Ray Specs with the deliciously cheap sounding organ topping off an authentic DIY experience. The 'few beats faster than usual' tempo increases the pulse accordingly and the hooklines "SHUT OUT THE WORLD..SHUT IT OUT!" and "ON YOUR OWN YOU'RE ALRIGHT" memorable, chantable and vital.

AA side 'Opportunity' awash with the same organ sound, and those brilliant round the kit drum fills that are that little bit too much for the bar, is also a treat but probably less so than that of the A side. Carrying the same weight of punk ethos it is, however, not to be sniffed at.

Much akin to fellow Canadians Metric in places but that little bit more worthily shambolic, YSP!WSD! should give the world of girls and boys indie-punk-dance a much needed kick up the arse