Zico Chain � Food

The debut album from Zico Chain may have taken a good five years in its coming, but is quite an entertaining one to say the least.

Some very talented work has gone into every building block to make the best first impression possible. This album, 'Food' takes dreams and fantasies of the US West Coast and inserts them into flaming records of fire. In terms of writing, the band have gone into the studio and produced deep and dark tracks in their meaning. 'Anaemia' is about bout lack of courage, and being proud of your influences no matter where they came from, while the meaning behind 'Pretty Pictures' takes an uncomfortable look at the prison system, specifically re-offenders and paedophiles within it.

Singer, songwriter and bassist Chris has worked alongside guitarist Paul and drummer Ollie to produce some deafening and hammering sounds. The melodies are some that would stick into your head like a nursery rhyme growing up.

The catchy guitar riffs of 'Where would you rather be?' have a similarity to Marilyn Manson's 'Beautiful People', while the screeching beginning presents some dark and intense feelings. 'Your Favourite Client' has some special mechanics in the way it is presented, it gives the feeling of being live on stage with thousands of people in the audience cheering and shouting at your music.

The other songs on the album are all very strong; 'Junk' has a very strong beat with the added slower chorus in which the track becomes more focused, 'Roll Over' is fast paced with some very effective and very sharp guitars and 'Nihilism' has a solid rolling drum beat. The stand out track is 'All eyes on me'; the indie touch vocals are reminiscent of The Pogues at start, but develop to a much rockier event after and this anthem is one of best on the album.

Imagine standing by the stage, loud music, your pulse racing, your mind wandering and your body shaking with the rhythms pounding through you. This is the conclusion this CD will bring you to.