Joshua English - Trouble None

Since the division of 'Six going on seven' in 2003, Joshua English has moved on, now finding the right time to release his debut solo album 'Trouble None'. English seems to have gone from hardcore screamer singer to folk style solo artist. I'm not sure why, but I see the name of the lad singing and automatically think Johnny English, rather than Joshua English. Well, lets see if he is as slick and dangerous as the spy.

The album is comprised mainly through acoustic numbers such as 'Little Betty' and 'Art Trouble', with a few upbeat tracks like 'This death is easy'. 'Go 'head heal your heart' has the acoustic guitar and some tambourine sounds, which are frightfully followed by some wobbly attempt at entertainment. The claps have their own beat while vocals fit in very well. Vibrations of guitar pings run through 'Married in Memphis'. Guitars are excellent on 'Los Angeles killed me complete'. They are repetitive, which on occasions can get tedious, but here fit in as a great base, in which other sounds can be placed in alignment around it. Drums rolls on 'Miles' fit perfectly with the fast moving vocals and guitar.

Things do get a peculiar and strange at times on the album. '0:50' has a strange opening in which the guitar makes sense, but the beeps are out of place, as are the spoke words. 'Sharks!' offers a dark atmosphere with music, which his great but the beat gets dull after a while.

The inspiration behind the tracks present on this album is most likely from personal experiences. 'Art trouble' for example sounds like it gets its meaning and lyrics from someone trying to rebuild what has been demolished in a relationship. The vocals are pretty much the same the entire way through. 'Sharks!' has more upbeat vocals; the vocal solo in middle shows real talent. Vocals on 'Table Wine' at times sound like Darren Hayes at the start of Savage Garden's career. On 'Los Angeles killed me complete' however, the vocals seem out of sync with the music as they go a bit faster.

Noticeable tracks on the album are minimal. '6' however goes have that potential single momentum and 'Flight risk' has the amazing harmonica and vocals that are able to stand out above the music extremely well. The album is a great sound, and defiantly worth a listen.