A group with a sound that is undefined.

On ‘Pessimist’, Tat have a sound that in parts is similar to the ‘Distillers’, but vocally are a mixture of Charlotte Hatherly and a grown up Avril Lavigne. There’s some good axe work and excellent riffs in here alongside knock you dead drumming. Great lyrics; ‘I am the itch that you can’t scratch’ punches through well.

They follow this number up with ‘Bloodstain’- a mix of Reggae/Ska and Rock. The band does well to weave these sounds together and make it work without becoming disjointed.

‘Happiness’ is an altogether more commercial sound and could front any record. There is good rhythm and melody in this number this is a trio of numbers for the teens. While they are technically well performed and the band throws themselves into them with great enthusiasm, the vocals are not heavy enough to match the music except on the last number where there is a good balance.

Tat do sound different enough to be worth listening to but vocally the sound they are working towards could benefit from more punch.