Whimsical Tales of Teenage Angst

Birmingham's New Street Adventure have finally released themselves from the womb and have now elegantly evolved into a gang of lyrical dominants with their first e.p that grabs the atmosphere like the well oiled fist of a triumphant underdog.

Tales of dysfunctional small town rugby players and fake tan-doused teenage mums fight for all of those who suffer the wrath of such shallow minded individuals who wander the streets. And as singer Nick Corbin rightly states, "We'll give it back as good as we get", battling through the regular fiascos that adolescents face as they strive for individuality.

"Walking Ad" is the pinnacle of Nick's songs writing ability. His humorous and witty lyrics marinate lovingly in a stew of various genres. Lines such as "Same old shit ten years on, with a beer belly and a teenage mum" and "Compliment fishing, boob job ambition" paint a picture that could narrate us through any episode of Jeremy Kyle.

But at the same time I find it hard to separate any of these songs into a "better" category. The teenage threesome depict the angst, the anger and the avoidable with precision. This, their first e.p, is a whimsical and five star worthy step in the direction of success and hopefully more anthems of Frosty Jacks and drunken nights spent on the tiles.