Another reason to love modern music.

Generally, musical and stylistic cliches are something that we try and avoid, as they demean what we love about a genre. However, very occasionally, they are so good that we forget that they have been played to death before. In much the same way as Pulp Fiction is nothing more than the best bits of American cinema , Good Shoes gives us an A-Z guide of indie music from 1993 to present day. And the fact that we have heard everything before just makes it better.

“Small Time Girl” is by no means going to set the world alight but in its three minutes and forty-four seconds it manages to encapsulate all that we love about British guitar pop with charm and soul that would never be found in more cutting edge, original artists. The Cure is represented, as is Morrissey, Blur and Teenage Fanclub. Good music, above all else, is about a primitive feeling, a mysterious but palpable quality that makes you laugh, cry or tap your feet. And “Small Time Girl” has this in abundance. Truly wonderful stuff.