Fightstar • Deathcar

‘Deathcar’ is the new single from Fightstar and must be one of the most brutal songs on their album, ‘One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours’.

Apparently inspired by talks of Chinese human meat wagons, as well as the ending of Simpson's relationship, the track carries lyrics like “You drove me to this/How will I ever stop/I’m addicted to kill/As much as I am to you” and " I really do hope you're comfortable/I Strap you down and choose my tool because/First the arms and then the eyes/I'll leave the hands” • the brutality of the lyrics correspond with the sounds perfectly.

The heavy guitar work present within this song makes for a depressing and rather frightful track. Along with the prolonged screaming, which erupts from the start, brings the track to an intense level, especially with Simpson’s vocals making me sway where I sit on my bed.

The viciousness and hostility transmitted through ‘Deathcar’ may make you feel a little on edge, but it has a kind of honesty to it, that is appreciated.