Cat The Dog - Gotta Leave

With a name like Cat The Dog I really wasn’t too sure of what to expect from the new single “Gotta Leave’. I’m not going to hide any hidden cat and dog jokes in this review so if that’s what you’re looking for, be disappointed. One thing not to be disappointed by though, is this single.

When I had the courage to put it in I was brightly surprised by the pop rock my ears were hearing. The second single to come from the Brighton four-piece is one that has the ability to intrigue a listener with its repetitive drums keeping the track in tune. The electric guitar instrumental fits nicely into the centre of the track. The vocals of Chris Mellian have a way of rolling in time to the music, with the explosion of “I get what I want” every so often. They have a way of pulling in a listener, and for me, the track makes my head bop.

This poppy little number is sure to get you moving. With the strength of a blood hound and the craftiness of a cat, this band can make you howl with excitement (couldn’t help it)!