Rought Pop Without The Charm

This is rough pop without the charm. Jesse Malin's voice approaches the gravelly quality necessary for a rough piece of music, but overproduction has made this song too commercial. Repetition of choral anthems, "I don't care about tomorrow tonight", is boring unless you're drunk and he's playing music live. On a CD a piece of music like this is infuriating. Whoever produced this single wanted an anthem, and forced Malin to sing the same stupid line over and over again until everyone's wallet was empty and only the goons singing "ooh ooh ooh" in the background are happy.

I think Malin could use with less production and less formula when he approaches a song. Fuck BBC Radio 2 if they want you to play music in a certain way, and fuck anyone who forces you to sing words like "tomorrow tonight" more than once in a song.

What fascinates me is that Malin nearly died from a staff infection while touring the US, but instead of telling the art-vampires who've commercialised his music to piss off, he's embraced them. Shouldn't he take his survival as a sign from heaven that he should only make music that matters to him, and not music that sells whatever the hell commercial radio and television sell? Maybe his hospital bills are really big or something. Maybe Bruce Springsteen will help him out a la Broken Radio. Anyway, check out Malin's website (www.jessemalin.com) because he's talented, but whoever is making him sound like pop country without the whiskey, lost dogs and mixed blessings, sucks.