Get On Your Dancing Shoes

Shimmying Scots, Sons and Daughters' forthcoming album produced by Bernard Butler is already looking like one of the most exciting releases of early 2008, sure shake off the Winter slumber with fizzing energy and dark decoration. Inspired by a 60's movie of the same name, 'Darling' is an edgy mix of sugary indie harmonies, riproaring guitars and a certain amount of retro swagger that's certain to make you want to don your dancing shoes. Musically, it's somewhere between the tense menace that Blood Red Shoes have brought to the scene this year, and the pithy pop of The Long Blondes - a lighter, less broody but equally as tight version of Sons and Daughters. The opening riff is sleek and leads into a bold bassline that blusters along with charismatic confidence. We await the new album, 'This Gift' with barely contained excitement that is made only just endurable by this fizzy, infectious sample of the band's new work.