Not About A Girl Or Place

Jonah Matranga has been through the mill, or this musical world, in various areas. He has been at the front of three bands previously, co-written with and produced both up and coming as well as established bands and started his own record label. Now having gone it alone, Jonah is releasing the second single from his album ‘And’.

‘Not About A Girl Or Place’ is a 12 string sing along number, full of hooks, which accompany the folksy feel very well. The guitar sounds show some strong talent, especially in its central solo. I find this simple upbeat track follows its own path. The contemplative yet simple lyrics like “Carolina save me save me/from the way I’ve always been” make the chorus especially catchy. I found myself miming the words only after two listens.

Jonah Matranga is an artistic musician with a writing ability to match.