Korn - Hold On

‘Hold On’ is the second single to be released from Korn’s untitled album. It’s been described by the band as “a song of empowerment” as the message describes Jonathan Davis’s near fatal blood disorder in 2006. This track also features Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion on drums.

It’s definitely quite a powerful song and kicks off with a great pounding structured rhythm like so many Korn tracks offer. You can also hear the Atticus Ross production on this, (Ross is known for his work with NIN) if I’m not mistaken there is a very structured angular feel to this track that does almost resemble the industrial sounds of NIN themselves.

There is a great strong vocal from Davis on Hold On but aside from this it offers nothing more than a fair bit of repetition, a bit of a sob story and an industrial sounding approach, although this is perhaps reminding us of the Korn we new back in the old days.

To be honest Hold On is not especially anything to get too excited about, it just sounds a little tired and definitely a little lacking on the empowerment front. But then again if you’ve stuck with Korn through and through you’ll like this for what it is, and that’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to their early days.