The Coral

The Coral have been about for quite sometime, and despite their wealth of experience they fail to impress with their latest offerings. Especially in the case of "Put The Sun Back" which is unnecessarily subtle and overly mild...let's face it, it's not the first or the last time we'll hear such soppy, love-dovey crap, but it's a shame it's coming from a band which had such respect at one point. Mediocre guitar sounds, lost choruses and broken bridges...this is poor musicianship from a band that are supposed to have respect and credibility.

This pedestrian pop-rock is not uncommon of the band in their recent years and I'm sure they're will be many more crappy songs to come from them. "Put The Sun Back" is a complete demonstration of simplicity, on the bands behalf, but it lacks force or innovation. You can't help but want them to go wild or experiment, be brave and express themselves - but as usual they disappoint.