The Sound of 2008

Chances are that you've heard 'Ready For The Floor' blasting out of the radio at some point in the last few weeks; this was also my introduction to Hot Chip's latest tune and having paid the band little attention beforehand, this track has me ready to stand up and applaud them. It's simply impossible to pinpoint where the infectious brilliance of the track hails from, whether it's the fluttering blips, the colourful synth soundscapes, the surreal vocals with addictive lyrics or the pulsing beats. Sheer pop is mixed with mechanical beats and electro trickery to fabulous effect.

As the first single from Hot Chip's latest album, the follow up to the Mercury Award Nominated, 'The Warning', 'Ready For The Floor' is full of promise and is certain to get plenty of dancefloor attention as the perfect dancefloor groove. The album hits the shops a week after the single and is certain to be one to watch.