Melodic environmentalism.

Featured in the environmental film “Flood”, the single of almost the same name is taken from Fightstar’s new second album “One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours”.

“Floods” is an epic, sweeping tune with a catchy melody and decent riffs that climbs to an anthemic crescendo of heavy noise and sing along lyrics and while it is easy to get carried away with the emotion of it all you always get pulled back by the remarkable similarity to any number of Muse tracks with climbing synths and solid riffage. The additional tracks to be featured on the 7” and CD versions of the single are actually pretty good despite being extremely derivative; ‘Zihuatanejo’ carries on the environmental theme in the lyrics, and while ‘Floatation’ does sound too much like Deftones it is satisfyingly heavy, hook laden and melodic.